About Perfect Body

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Perfect Body will teach you the basics to start your weight loss journey. Over a period of 3 months you will be guided to adjust your lifestyle effortlessly to support weight loss. We put you in charge of your weight. 

Plan to change your life

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Formulate your plan to achieve and maintain your perfect body. Plan to create new habits. Taste the results.

The process is easier with the help of Perfect Body Slimming. Personal assistance with meal times, food preference and prepping to suite your unique lifestyle. Secure your success on this program with the advantage of expert guidance.  Most diets fail due to lack of planning or not having the correct food available for your structured meals, simple things. On this program you have support and expert guidance to make your lifestyle change effortless.  Reach your wellness goals and beyond.

Movement is joy

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When changing your lifestyle to a healthier one, it is beneficial to enjoy your body more. Luckily you become more energetic as an effect of your ‘new’ metabolism and you will take advantage of this.

All processes are aimed at being effortless at Perfect Body Slimming. You are going to establish your movement routine for your new lifestyle by simply following your joy. Who said you have to train? There are a bunch of ways to enjoy your body with movement and sustainable change is routed in this. Everyone is unique and we will work together to find the right type of activity at the perfect time during your program

Love to eat


Life is short and should be enjoyed. When changing your lifestyle, meals are created with love and with ingredients you and your body love.

A perfect body deserves special meals.

Clever eating

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Knowledge is power.

Understand the effect of food on your body chemistry and take charge of your metabolism.  Perfect Body Slimming will teach you the basics in a simple format. Take advantage of the chemical processes in your body that support weight loss and make food your friend.

Support your body


Nature provides all the support you need to boost your ‘new’ metabolism and body processes.

Perfect Body Slimming will guide you to a basic path of inner healing as you implement your new lifestyle. Natural supplements can make your body strong against disease as well as support basic processes such as the weight loss process. You will take advantage of this!

Become focused

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As you progress on your weight loss journey you become stronger and more focused with the help of your weight loss coach. There is no limit to what you can achieve by implementing the basics taught on this program. Contact us to find out more.